No one should deny themselves the safety of a home inspection. NYSHIC provides FREE property condition evaluations on a limited basis to residents in the local Rochester area. The house must be owner-occupied and can be a single or two-family unit. NYSHIC is the only locally based New York State approved school specializing in providing training to those interested in becoming home inspectors.


As a community service, NYSHIC has provided hundreds of FREE property inspections during our supervised training periods. This evaluation is similar to that of a home inspection in that all the major components will be looked at. At the conclusion you will be educated on any significant conditions present in your home in a learning environment for everyone.

These property condition evaluations are solely for the use of the owner to aid in assessing the current condition of the property examined. This is not to be used as an inspection for an approved real estate purchase or if your property is currently listed.

To enroll in this special program, please contact us. A NYSHIC representative will contact you to confirm your request and to set up an appointment with you.